Page3 in my thoughts

A dream to pull all the entertainment news/gossips together in one place; in context of Bangladesh. All other newspapers or online news portals in Bangladesh publish entertainment contents, some are even surviving based on those. So, this was even more challenging to find a differential perspective on this industry. In my defence, everyone was doing this as an option and no one is focusing on this. Also, the way they present entertainment news is that boring and old tabloid format. My goal is not to counter that, rather is to build something new from the scratch to challenge the existing model with modern presentation and bring a change in the approach of collecting the gossips/news. There are 2 main pillars behind this model and those are –

Curated/ Briefed Content (The famous Twitter theory, word game!)
Personalized Content (Based on reading history and behavior analysis)

On the other side of the operation, only relying on contents published on other platforms might backfire in long run; as an ass saving initiative, it is also important to hire content curators and make a own team of content writer/curator/supervisor. Oh! please note, I tried hiring content writers last year and it ended as a failed initiative with a solid financial loss. Learning from past mistakes and not repeating them should be my motto for next 5 years, cause, I’m kinda specialist on repeating my mistakes! Anyway, moving forward, the idea is to give the reader the capability/power to become a contributor/ writer. By giving them the opportunity to “Sign Up” as a writer and submit contents that they want to publish. Those contents will go through a lightening fast and robust moderation process and will be approved or denied within 5 mins of submission.

Now what happens when your content got published? You remember creating a writer account!? Yes, that account will have an dashboard of its own. Where you can see your contributions in a listed view and there will a points. Points will be based on the viewership of your contributed article. So, at the end of the day, your contribution will turn into a monitary value after certain points gathered. (I’m still working on the algorithm! (numbers))

So, in one part, I’m collecting entertainment contents around the world/web, curating and summerizing them and publishing them. On the other part, building a community of entertainment/ gossip writers by sharing viewership based profit margins with them. Once I’m done with the automated operational part, will comes the business integration where branded content and display advertising will play a key role. Will talk about that model on a different blog. So far, this is page3 inside my thought layers….. Cheers!

I'm no genius building something of my own, I'm just a bloating paper collecting methods from my surroundings. Look at Google News for once, just to see what they did with news!